Happy Memorial Day. I am working today. I used to think it was lame to work on a holiday. I used to think it was a sign of poor boundaries when I would go into an office to catch up when the rest of the world was at a picnic.

But today I am working and I’m happy. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve learned that an insane work schedule to one person is a dream schedule to another. You just need one that’s good for you.

One of the perks about working for myself is that I can set my own hours. And what I really love is routine, a schedule that never changes. I have set things up so that I work every morning, seven days a week, at a coffee shop by my apartment.

Today there are not a lot of people awake in my neighborhood at 7am. My regular coffee shop is closed and so is my backup coffee shop. But my gym is open, so I am working there, and I am happy to be doing my regular routine, even on Memorial Day. Besides, I never realized my gym had such a fast Internet connection.