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4-Day webinar with Penelope: Make money selling your ideas

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195.   Sign up now. You can judge if you are one of my good friends by whether or

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4-day course with Penelope: Get the Guts to Start Freelancing

After a long break from new courses, Melissa and I did a course on how to start freelancing. This is especially timely because over the last six months while I have been rejiggering my online courses Melissa has launched a

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How to get the guts to go freelance

It’s another post about Melissa. But before I get any more emails asking if Melissa is single, let me just say that the single life of Melissa lasted exactly three days. I could see it coming, really. She said, as

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Work for yourself without financial worries

I am in Boston having post-traumatic stress syndrome from being too close to the town where I went to college. The kids are doing a music workshop and it’s in Newton, which is very close to Waltham, which is where

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Finance Tips for the Self-Employed

This is probably what you think self-employed looks like: I’m at an amusement park with my kids, in the middle of the week, and I’m on a conference call while I watch my son try to get on a ride.

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How to work at home successfully

We have been snowed in for three days. At first, it was just a hint of being snowed in, people stopping and talking in the grocery store. Not that I would know. Because the farmer told me I should probably

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5 Ways to make telecommuting better

I have this idea that I am going to start working from home. I tried to go into the office. But the only alone time I have in my day is the time I'm not with the kids, and if

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A week of journalism: How to be a freelancer without starving

Here’s how I became a writer. I started writing when I was six and wrote nonstop, about things no one cared about. Nineteen years later I thought, I like to write, I should get paid for this. So I went

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Deductive reasoning for the modern taxpayer

It’s tax time, and every year I think to myself that I should be deducting everything. Really. All my income comes from freelance writing, and since there’s almost nothing in my life that I don’t write about, maybe I can

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Test the waters of self-employment without jumping in

The odds are that you will probably consider self-employment at some point: Eighty-nine percent of people in the United States who make more than $50,000 a year are self-employed, according to Entrepreneur magazine. As with all decision points, the way

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