It’s not just that Cassie Boorn stole money from me. It’s that she is telling me that I did not act rationally when I found out all my money was gone. She is telling me that I shouldn’t be upset that she’s been living off of my money for the past two months because she didn’t “live lavishly.”

She is so used to stealing peoples’ money that she thinks of it as borrowing, or a mistake, or a misunderstanding. But she is not paying it back. She has not paid one cent back in a month.

Cassie has done this so many times, to so many people, that she can’t even use her own name on Twitter or people will descend on her with angry tweets. Really. Click here. Then click where it says her name. It’s a dead link. That’s how Cassie operates. It’s a fake business and a fake person behind it. But you can’t tell that until she takes your money.

Here is a link to a list of people complaining about Cassie Boorn  — so many people saying she stole money from them.

How much do you think Jeff Bezos will get in the divorce?

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