Where I'll be speaking in March, and check out my weekly radio show


People always ask me when they can hear me speak. Most of the time the events are closed to the public. Like, the American Bankers Association, or the Public Relations Society of America. But this coming month I happen to be speaking at a lot of places that you can get tickets to. So, here's the schedule:

Austin, TX, SXSW, Sunday, March 15, 10:00 a.m.

I'm on a panel with Robert Scoble (social media stud), Mike Maples (venture capitalist), Kaiser Kuo (China marketing maven), and John Metcalf (community builder). We are talking about how to decide where to have a startup. Well, I think that's what we're talking about. It's an odd panel for that topic. But then, that's what makes SXSW so interesting. Also, if you're going to be there, and I like you, we should meet up. So email me: penelope@penelopetrunk.com.

New York City, 2009 Sales & Marketing Symposium, March 25, 10:30 a.m.

I am giving a talk on generation Y. The audience is mostly not generation Y. So I will be hearing questions like, “What should I do about the fact that my direct report has naked breasts on Facebook?” And I will be giving answers like, “You'll feel better about the situation if you stop trolling for naked pictures of her online.” Use code BRA252009 for a 20% discount.

Madison, WI, Wisconsin Women in Government, March 31, 11:30 a.m.

I'll be talking about how to manage your career. The other two events listed here are pretty expensive, but this one is free. Which, perhaps, hearkens back to why I moved to Wisconsin in the first place: It's very cheap to live here. It's not just that orange juice is cheaper here than in NYC, but so are conferences. Everything. Okay. So you can reserve a spot for yourself by sending an RSVP to info@wiscwomeningovernment.org.

Every Thursday, My New Radio Show! 1pm EST (but this week it's 1:30)

Also, I am going to have a weekly radio show. I did my first one last week. This week the show starts at 1:30 eastern time. All other weeks, the show will start at 1pm eastern. It's a call-in show. You can call in and ask me any question. I'm looking forward to that part. Here's the number: 1-866-916-3423. Here's the recorded version.

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  1. Angie
    Angie says:

    New radio show! Congratulations! That sounds like fun. I’m in ATX; I’ll be sending you an email…

  2. Mark W.
    Mark W. says:

    Kudos to you. You’re promoting yourself more on your blog and giving us advance notice. I like the plug for Madison.

  3. principalspage
    principalspage says:

    The gratuitous plug. Well done.

    “If I like you”… better well done.

    Good luck with your speeches. And just to make sure you’re not late, set 2 alarm clocks.

  4. Greenman2001
    Greenman2001 says:

    I got a headache listening to this. You got 5 minutes of my time, and you aggravated me. Who’s the winner?

  5. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Your radio show was fucking hilarious, especially the call with Mike. I totally got an idea of what it must be like to date you when you started picking an argument with him.

  6. ian
    ian says:

    Just listened, great & fun show about career & life; You sounded so excited throughout the show.

    Too bad, it’s not on itunes yet; (Just so we can subscribe)
    I still will definitely tune in this Thursday, after work.

  7. Editormum
    Editormum says:

    The only question I have right now is: When are you going to put up a new poll? The therapy one has been there for, like, a month now ….

  8. marco
    marco says:

    Hi Penelope,

    fun radio show – technical tip: use a pop filter! That would really help sound quality. There are even DIY instructions out there for this. How is SXSW going?

    Greetings from Germany, Marco

  9. Ed Borden
    Ed Borden says:

    Hey this is cool, I am seriously considering making it into NYC to see you this month.

    Maybe we can grab coffee, but only as long as it’s not a date (j/k , please don’t hurt me, now that I’ve heard you get pissed, I am seriously scared of you)

  10. Anca
    Anca says:

    I’d forgotten how bad the sound quality can be on talk radio. Did you ever listen to Loveline? That was a great call-in radio show. (Is it still on even?)

    Radio/podcasts are only useful to listen to when you have time to kill and no distractions (car, bus, plane).

  11. b
    b says:

    Hi Penelope,

    Fun radio show! You sounded completely different on air than on your blog, so that was good.

    Would you please ask your mentee to share one of her awesome emails asking for mentorship? I could use some help in that department.


  12. jenx67
    jenx67 says:

    How’d those peeps in Austin get so lucky? (S by SW, I guess.) They think they’re so hot – the San Francisco of the South. We’re totalling hipper than that.
    A Few Reasons Trunk Should Come to Oklahoma City
    1) Because I bet she’s never been here.
    2) City’s Gen X and Gen Y elite would wine and dine her.
    3) The wind. An event in and of itself.
    4) Humble sand pit volleyball in Pearl Mesta Park near my ‘hood.
    5) Memorial
    6) New Chabad
    7) Cattlemen’s
    8) Cheever’s
    9) Will Rogers Neon Sign on Western
    10) Dale Chihuly.
    11) Julius Shulman thinks we’re way under-appreciated.
    12) Earl’s
    13) Paseo
    14) She’s never seen so many churches in all her life.
    15) She’d probably uncover the real identities of the Lost Ogle.
    16) She’ll be the best dressed person in town
    17) Houses on my street keep selling. I think we really might be what Forbes called us – most recession proof city in the nationl But, I admit – I’m still nervous and holding my breath a little.
    18) This is getting long. At least we’re on your radar now. The Chamber will pay me my fee later. Ha!

    Come to OKC if you get a chance, Penelope. You’ll change your mind about Madison.

  13. tamar
    tamar says:

    Your mentioning often on your blog “It's very cheap to live…” in Wisconsin brings to mind that there IS life outside wherever we find ourselves, and often cheaper, at least in some locations and on some matters. Take Israel, for example. Compared to the USA, where health insurance is a sick (sic!) joke, here, citizens have affordable top-quality healthcare, including tests and medications. Non-Israelis pay to come here, too, for surgeries, dental work, and more to access relatively affordable care (even counting the airfare, lodgings, meals, and sundries). Full disclosure: Up to 58 percent taxes are paid on income earned… Same story in Europe, my Euro-pals tell me. Yet what good are lower taxes when, for example, health care is not affordable even when spending those “saved” taxes? Bottom line: Cheap is beautiful though a price is to be paid whatever we have chosen or have been given/dealt. Love your in-your-face style mixed w occasional expressions of extreme vulnerability.

  14. tamar
    tamar says:

    LOVE your new radio program. Listening to the maiden show was wonderful… signature Penelope. While calling in a question or comment is too late (besides, from Tel Aviv or anywhere outside the USA, 800 numbers are not callable), I’m adding my two shekels here on your networking discussion. I disagree that staying or returning to where our network is strong is required to restart a career in another place. I speak from experience. Caveat: 3 key elements to building a new network quickly include marketable skills that locals seek, a reasonably outgoing personality, and fluency in the local language (even if it’s the same language, understand local terms, expressions, context, etc.).

  15. houston limousine
    houston limousine says:

    What I feel great is the fact about the announcement of weekly radio show. It seems a lot of fun and information. The panel discussion about how to decide where to have a startup with a hand picked panelists is amazing. I dont think it is odd. It is genuine and the panelists are great.

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