Here are more reviews of my book, Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, which is already shipping from Amazon.

I send a big thanks to each of these bloggers for taking the time to review the book!

Sarah van Ingen at Armchair Interviews
Trunk’s writing is tight, energetic and enjoyable to read. After spending a couple days with the Brazen Careerist, I felt like I had been given a shot of adrenalin for my career. And who isn’t in need of that?

Devin Reams at
A must-read for upcoming or recent college grads. This is a guide for how successful careers work.

Heather Mundell at lifeatwork
Trunk’s advice is refreshing and her arguments are thought-provoking. She challenges us as readers to take a clear-eyed view of what we want in our careers and consider new ways of getting it.

Jason Alba at JibberJobber
No matter what generation you are in, this book is a must read.

Dawn Papandrea at CollegeSurfing Insider
For anyone making their way through corporate struggles, deciding if they should go for an advanced degree or launch a new business, or discovering a completely new line of work, Trunk’s renegade advice is right on.

Alexandra Levit at Water Cooler Wisdom
Penelope Trunk knows herself, she stands by her beliefs, and she can always be counted on for a unique and often provocative opinion. As she mentions her own leadership achievements and her worst social faux pas in the same paragraph, Penelope’s tone and examples balance confidence and assertiveness with authenticity and a little healthy self-deprecation. It’s a fabulous resource for anyone who’s searching for fulfillment in a career or in life!

Interviews with me about the book:

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Allen Holman at Management College

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Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing

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