New feature on Brazen Careerist: Twentysomething


Ryan Healy will write a new feature on Brazen Careerist called Twentysomething. Presently, he is working at his first job out of college, at a Fortune 500 company, and thinking of starting his own company (of course).

I met Ryan through Brazen Careerist. He told me he was starting a blog with his friend and he asked for some guidance. I read the first post on his blog — Employee Evolution — before he had even set up a way to subscribe, and I liked it so much that I asked him to email me when he posted again.

When I read Ryan’s posts, I found myself thinking, “I should write about that topic.” And then I thought to myself, “Wait. I can’t write that. That’s a topic for a twenty-two-year-old.” So I asked Ryan to write on Brazen Careerist so someone is addressing all those fun topics that Ryan dreams up that I couldn’t really steal, even if I tried.

I have already learned a lot from him. In today’s post Ryan writes about a “blended career.” You can see in one of my comments that I appropriated his phrase before his post was even published. I’m looking forward to picking up a lot more from him as we go along.