What’s the problem with most managers? They are so involved in getting their own tasks done that they fail to manage. Bruce Tulgan writes that undermanagement is an epidemic, and Adecco reports that half of American workers think their managers don’t take performance reviews seriously.

Continue this behavior at your own risk. The Financial Times (subscription) says:

“Generation Y grew up rating peers’ physical attributes, pop culture creations, teachers’ style and grading practices, and products. No surprise, then, that there are websites drawing decent traffic for people to rate their bosses, their clients, and their customers. The tone of online commentary is often racy and retaliatory.”

I was not able to find any of these sites. Leave it to the Financial Times to tease us with this information and provide no links. But still, you’d better Google your name right now, just to make sure your underlings haven’t started rating (or berating) you.

Hat tip: James in the UK