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We need to talk more about Melinda Gates

I took my son to a Lady Gaga concert.
I could tell you that. And I could tell you I take at least one kid on every business trip I have, and they are sick of it, so I tried to make Seattle fun

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What good mentoring looks like

This is a guest post from Cassie Boorn. She is 25 years old, and she is a social media specialist at a large public relations firm. She is also a single mom to a six-year-old son, and they live in

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Take more advice. It will help you.

In the last week I have written three blog posts that my editor told me are stupid. The first one was about the Olympics. April Ross, a silver medalist in beach volleyball, said that she quit playing indoor volleyball because

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How to manage a career in 2012

I have never been great at picking my own clothes. I'm great at interior design, but I have a blind spot for clothes. So I email Melissa photos of my outfits, and she uses her photographic memory of my closet

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How to Ask Smart Questions

This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.
After I realized that the most underrated skill is asking good questions, I realized that I am not very good at it. I don't ask for help enough because I don't know

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Why most career coaching fails

Melissa left yesterday. She moved back to Austin. She moved for a job that I think is totally stupid, but her future employer reads this blog, so I have to watch what I say. On the other hand, she ended

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Beware of the girl ghetto at work

Why are almost all the bloggers in the Life at Work section at BNET women? I’m worried, because it’s never good for one’s career to be in a room full of women unless you’re a model or a stripper. Because

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When women get power at work, do they use it like men do?

I told this guy who wrote to me that I do not remember ever actually meeting him, even though he says we had a great conversation.
He wrote back. He was relentless, so I asked him to tell me a bit

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Get your next mentor by being slightly annoying

Brian Wiegand is a very low-profile guy who has sold three companies, most recently to Microsoft. He is big enough that TechCrunch writes about him as a good bet for anyone betting. But the bane of Brian's existence is

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Celebrate the inauguration by making your work an act of service

It's a big day, and I'm excited to take a pause from work with the rest of the country to watch Barack Obama give his inagural speech.
In the meantime, I'm thinking about the day of service. How Obama wants

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