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How to cope when you’re in a dying industry

This is a guest post by Cassie Boorn. She works with me at Quistic, and she blogs at 
We are packing up our trunk outside of a friend’s house when he approaches the car.
It was late at night. We’d spent all day at

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Take risks to be your true self at work

I intuitively knew to hide my kids when I started having them, because I had already had a rip-roaring career where I steered clear of women who doted on their kids. (It’s always women, even today.) The kids were annoying

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How to shine in a meeting

First of all you’d be surprised how many meetings I attend given that I live on a farm and I hate to leave. And, to be honest, every time I’ve written advice about how to handle yourself in a meeting,

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What does it really mean to work full-time?

I am at O’Hare flying to Pittsburgh to give a speech. I try to never give speeches. Actually I try to never leave my house. Because I think I will regret any time I spend away from my kids.
Well, definitely

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