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Of all the ways personality type has helped me in my life,  getting along with my significant other is the most valuable benefit but also the most stunning. Romantic relationships are complicated and difficult and personality type cuts through all of that. Really. And I’m excited to share the insights with you.

Your complaints about other people tell you what you need to change in you

My husband and I are driving to cello lessons in Madison, because my son is going to a new teacher, Uri Vardi. Usually Carla would drive, because I don’t drive, and if my husband drives all the time then he will, effectively, be my driver. So I can either pay a lot of money for a driver or a lot of money for a divorce.

3 Things to take off your to do list right now

Make a list of five things you want to do that you’re not doing. Now cross out all but one. Everyone can make change in our lives, but not that much change. And you’re not making the change you really want because you haven’t realized that you can’t do everything on your list.

Everyone’s competitive. The first step is to admit it

My son’s cello teacher is dying. This is the third time she’s had cancer, so this week is my son’s last lesson with her. He has grown to love her. He cried during a lesson a few weeks ago and she said, “It’s okay. Everyone dies. Now let’s work on Saint-Saens. You need it for the master class.”

How to know when you should apologize

I saw a graph about when anyone is most likely to have a birthday. My mom and ex-husband and now-husband all have a birthday in the first week of April. This is statistically unlikely and it makes me think there is something I should know about astrology.

Healthy ways to deal with incessant worry

I arrive in San Francisco and it takes me fifteen minutes in Melissa’s apartment for her to start crying about that she is not married. “I don’t want to have kids alone. I’m not doing that,” she says.

The worst mistake people make when networking

I read that in Silicon Valley there’s a twelve-month waiting list to be a summer volunteer at the local hospitals. Because all the kids who want to go into STEM careers in their over-funded overachiever Silicon Valley schools are trying to stand out as great candidates for college by working with doctors and scientists.

Too little too late: Sheryl Sandberg apologizes for Lean In

Now that Sheryl Sandberg is a single mom, she has announced, in a post on Facebook, that it’s understandable that single moms do not Lean In.

I am infuriated.

Tips for making teams work better

At age ten the Farmer was doing chores before and after school and most of the weekend. This was normal for his family. It’s what his parents did and what their parents did.

Online Course: Write Great Blog Posts!

Here is some feedback from other people who have taken writing courses with me:

Penelope is absolutely brilliant at cutting through the bullshit.  – Cheryl C.

Your writing course is a way better crash course than anything I got in college.  – Caitlin

As a writer, you’d think I’d just write my own testimonials, but the research that shows people instinctively know a fake testimonial. I’m not sure how, but part of being a good writer is knowing your limits. That’ll be in the course.

Along with essentials like how to get the benefits of a blog without having to do all the work to maintain a blog. And how to get other people to publish your post on their popular site. And how to write blog posts people will love.

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Also, I’ll edit your blog post for you, and the combination of doing the class and then having an editor work on your post is a really fast way to learn. And you’ll get to hear a critique of everyone else’s posts as well. When I was learning to write I was so pissed off when someone didn’t like my writing that I almost couldn’t think straight. But I loved hearing why someone else’s writing was bad, so I listened more closely and learned the most from those in-class critiques.

What are you waiting for? There’s a money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t thrilled, just ask for a refund.

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I wanted to reward you for getting all the way to the bottom of this email. So here is a picture from my garden.

I asked my son what I could do to make him like the garden more. He said, “Put more girls in it.”

The end.

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