How to change a habit

If you want to make a change in your life you need to change something in your routine. Gretchen Rubin writes a lot about this in her book about habits, which I read to figure out how to stop eating when I’m anxious.

Online course: How to get a job at a startup

This online course runs four days: Feb. 29 – Mar. 3 from 6pm – 7pm EST. You can watch any of the videos on-demand if you can’t see them live. The cost of the course is $195.

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The first job I got at a startup blew my mind. I was learning so incredibly fast, and there was no limit to what my job could include. Anything I could teach myself how to do, I could add to my job.

During that time, I had stacks of books everywhere, all the time, so I could keep pace with the problems we faced as a company. And even though today people learn all that from the Internet, I keep stacks of books in my house because it reminds me of the excitement of my first job at a startup. And how much my life has opened up because of that.

So many people ask me how to get a job at a startup. And whether you’re making a career change or just out of college, getting a job at a startup is not all that difficult.

But you need to know how the startup world functions, because when it comes to job hunting, getting a job at a startup is definitely different than corporate jobs.

Some of the things this course will show you

  • How to get a job at a startup without using your resume
  • How to find openings when most startups don’t use job listing sites
  • How to tell the good startups from the bad
  • How to explain why your skills are valuable to a startup
  • How to negotiate stock and salary for a startup job

Any personality type can earn a place at a startup, and you can find a startup community in almost any size city – you just need to know how to approach the task.

I have hired people for startups in LA, NY, DC and Wisconsin. And Melissa’s recruiting firm is one of the top for Bay Area startups. So between us we’ll be able to tell you how to get a job in any location, and we’ll show you what you need to do to look like the best candidate.

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Here are some topics the course will include:

How to manage your online brand

Melissa broke up with her boyfriend. Thank god, because I never liked him. I have never liked any of her boyfriends, and the most unlikable of her boyfriends would say I’m overbearing and jealous. I would say I just have a good eye for men.

Resolution for 2016

The only resolutions that work are lifestyle changes, and if you are really ready to do a lifestyle change, you don’t wait for January 1. Which is one of the gazillion reasons why most New Years’ resolutions don’t stick. 

How to price the work you do

I couldn’t handle the amount of people who were asking me to coach them. Even though I coach over the phone, and often in my pajamas, it takes a lot of energy and I can’t do more than two calls a day. It’s not like there aren’t other demands on my time and energy: I homeschool my kids, I have a VC-backed startup, and I am supposedly paying heed to the most obvious marriage advice in the world that says to make your spouse a priority.

Strategies that will change the way you negotiate

Negotiating is not a work skill—it’s a life skill. File it in the have-good-social-skills category, not with make-more-money.

People with good social skills do much better in the world than people with high IQs by all measures except for winning the Nobel prize for economics. So then it should make sense to you that you should think about negotiating tactics all the time.

Warning signs your job is becoming obsolete

We were playing Cards Against Humanity, which, by the way, is a great way to educate kids about everything important, and we have a rule that if you don’t know what a card means you can trade it in, but you have to ask what it means.

So my son says, “What’s a desk job?”

Online course: Proven paths to the perfect ISFJ life

The ISFJ course is here! It includes three days of videos and supplementary reading materials.  You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195. 

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The only ISFJ I’ve ever been close to is an ex volleyball partner who was so hot that I could have just gone to bed with her and never gotten out. Ever.

And then she became anorexic and looked even hotter, and I felt so guilty thinking that.

I gave up so many chances to play with great partners because I just wanted to spend all day on the court next to her.

But this is not a good opener for a post that is supposedly targeting ISFJs. Here is a better opener:

My brother kept dating for a long time. He kept saying he was looking for a woman who is beautiful and brilliant and kind and fun. And I was like, shut up. You’re not even all those things. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time this brother was fun. The most fun thing he does is laugh at my jokes.

Secrets about personality type no one dares to tell you

Every time I teach a course on a specific personality type, I learn things that blow me away. I learned INTP women look nothing like INTP men. I learned F’s sometimes misidentify themselves as T’s but T’s never mistake themselves for F’s. I learned that INTJ men almost always marry ENFP women.

Ten bad reasons to get a job

I’m going to tell you right off the bat that this post is for people who have a spouse who makes money. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. But it’s gotta be about $55K, which is what you have to earn in order to feed and clothe a family. No extras. Just that.