ENTJ course: Accomplish whatever you want. Then do it again.

This live, online course runs Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 at 8pm Eastern. The cost is $195.  Sign up now!

I remember the shock of finding out I was an ENTJ. It’s so embarrassing to find out that all you care about is power. Well, power and money, because money is the measure of power. Well, and also with control, the more control I have over things I can build my power base with, and keep the money flowing.

Okay. So that’s me. And when I found out, at first I was like, “Oh my god, I can’t let anyone know about this.” Then I thought, “Oh, that must be why I always find myself at the front of the room—any room—telling people what to do.” Then I realized this must mean there are other people like me, and I wanted to meet them.

When I coach an ENTJ, we get so much done because ENTJs have the language of efficiency—unfettered by internal discussions with oneself (hello, INTJs) and emotional issues (the ENFJs). We don’t need to mull over 1000 untethered ideas (from ENTPs). We just want to make a decision and move on to the next thing.

This course will be like my easiest coaching sessions—all done in the language of ENTJs. We will not apologize for wanting to make as much money as possible, as fast as we can. We will not apologize for hating teams unless we are leading them. And we will not apologize for thinking there is no need for a vacation because working to meet ourngoals is so fun. Whatever. We will just be our socially unacceptable selves for a short time, and it will be fun.

Here are things we will do:

What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

This is a picture from when my oldest son was five years old. I have very few pictures of him at this age. Maybe twenty. Because I was never home. I worked almost 100% of my waking hours. And often I slept only four hours a night.

How to be a good Gen Y dad


If feminism is about having the right to make choices, then it’s also about the obligation to make a choice. You cannot choose to have a spouse who’s a breadwinner and who shares everything 50/50. You cannot choose to have everything in life but only do it half the time. Having something—anything—is about commitment. And you cannot choose to have everything up to your standards but also allow other peoples’ standards to prevail.

What you think about after you think about if you should give up career for kids

I think I spent the last decade deciding if it’s okay to give up my career for my kids.

I am not splitting hairs any more. I am not writing as if I don’t have kids. I am not writing as if I’m in a permanent identity crisis.  I’m not writing screaming tirades to defend myself.

Find perfect ENFJ balance: Make people happy while getting things done

This live, online course helps ENFJs stop worrying that they are not capitalizing on their gifts (which are many!). The course runs August 31 – Sept. 3 at 8pm Eastern. The cost is $195. Sign up now!

This is Dana. Skydiving. Dana is a great specimen of an ENFJ.

She is flying through the air with her husband, Alex, an ESTP. Alex is an example of the most fun personality type in the whole world. As long as you don’t think fun is being emotional. Dana is a fun facilitator. For Alex. She is a work facilitator for Melissa. Which makes sense because Melissa is an INTJ so she thinks fun is work.

Beliefs follow action; lessons from a pig farm bar mitzvah

I studied rustic weddings for a year and realized that all the rustic wedding stuff feels like a parody on a working farm. So we had a very simple bar mitzvah lunch: harvest tables and flowers from the garden. I made all the food myself, from our farm and the farms of our Amish neighbors.

Don’t let your resume be a roadblock to your career

I am writing this post at the hairdresser. It’s my son’s second haircut this month. He loves the process of reinvention. While the haircuts feel extravagant, I like that he knows what he wants.

Hey ENFPs! Channel your energy and imagination to inspire greatness wherever you go.

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195.

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The ENFP is the type that has the widest range of strengths, and ENFPs can imagine themselves accomplishing a wider range of feats than any other type.

I just read about the life-changing magic of tidying up

As someone who compulsively throws stuff out, I was thrilled to hear that the bestselling book worldwide right now is about throwing stuff out: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo.

What neurologists tell us about goal setting

You should set goals because striving to meet a goal makes you happier. This is because a goal gives us structure and purpose, but also once you set a goal, your brain feels like you have already attained that goal. (This explains the euphoria we feel when we decide to “start a diet.”)