This course will help you get the job you thought was out of reach. It could be a position two levels up or something totally new. I’ll show you how to figure out your best next job and get it. It includes four days of of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195.

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I’m going to give you an outline below, of all the stuff I’m going to cover. But one of the things we’ll cover is that you need to solicit advice from people you trust, and then you need to take it, even if it’s hard.

The first piece of advice is that someone said I put too many unflattering photos of myself on my blog. So I hired Tamara Bell, a photographer for the Chicago Bulls, to take my portrait. And I dragged her to the bathroom at my son’s music lesson building because I love the lighting. See? I take advice.

Another piece of advice I received is that I should publish more testimonials. So here they are:

“Take everything you think you ‘know’ about career strategies, throw them away. Penelope Trunk will show you the rules have changed.” – Guy Kawasaki

“I walked away from Penelope’s start-up webinar with an entirely new perspective on what it takes to launch a successful business. Her webinars are not only packed with actionable advice but give you high-level insights that make you approach ideas in entirely new ways.” Cassie Boorn

The truth is that the webinars end up feeling like a week-long retreat where everyone is learning really fast, and it’s super-fun to be on the calls. The chat room  is always packed and full of snark and the community feel of these sessions makes me so happy to to do this with you guys.

So here’s the schedule for the next webinar.

Session 1: Find your dream job.

  • Uncover your dream job. You can’t get something until you can clearly describe it. Too often we have a vague notion of our dream job, but you can’t get that job—it’s ill defined. I’ll show you a five-step plan for discovering the best job for you by focusing simultaneously on what you love and what is financially rewarding.
  • Make a three-month plan. Once you know your dream job, it’s likely a lot closer than you realize. Because a job that’s a great fit for you is much easier to get than a job that is not a great fit. Dream jobs are often the easiest job for someone to land as long as you have a good plan. I’ll show you how to carve a three-month path to get that job you want.
  • Achieve your goals faster than you ever imagined. Remember what I was saying about taking advice? It’s essential for getting what you want in your career. But you can’t take advice until you have a great people giving you advice. I’m going to be that person in your life for the four days of this webinar, but I’m going to give you three fail-safe ways for attracting a network of people who can help you get your dream job and flourish in it.

Session 2: Rewrite your resume to supercharge your career.

  • Learn my secrets for transforming regular resumes into star-performer resumes. The difference between a good resume and the other resumes is so huge. I’ll explain the system I use for rewriting peoples’ resumes. Once you know how to edit your resume like a professional resume writer you will look at your whole career differently. The true value of great resume writing is that it radically enhances how you see your own skills and experience.
  • Get a job you’re not qualified for. Do you know how people move up the ladder really fast? They get jobs they aren’t qualified for. This should inspire you to go after the job you want right now. Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder, but everyone wants a job that inspires and engages them. I’ll give you a strategy for getting that job right now, even if you think you’re not qualified.
  • Get a promotion and a raise. Most people can get a 20% raise just by rewriting their resume and sending it out. That’s how big the gap is between your best resume and the one you’re using now. I’ll show you how to make yourself look so much stronger in your current job that you can get a higher level job right now.

Session 3: Master the job hunt process.

  • Find the hidden job market. The best jobs are not advertised. And the best candidates find jobs through friends. I’ll show you efficient tactics for finding the people who can connect you to jobs, and that will allow you to bypass Human Resources and get straight to the hiring manager. I’ll also show you networking shortcuts for people who hate networking.
  • Learn the right answers to every interview question. Most people think interviews are random, unpredictable conversations with special answers for your particular case. In fact, interviews are predictable and there’s a right answer to every question. Once you understand the formulas for interviews, you’ll ace every interview you get. You’ll be ready for even the toughest interview questions.
  • Create your own jobs. The best security you have in your career is your ability to create a job for yourself. Whether you want to learn a new skill, gain more independence, or climb up a ladder faster, any of those goals will benefit from creating your own job. I’ll show you proven tactics for creating your own job when no one is offering the one you want.

Session 4: Q&A. Ask me anything.

This night is always the most fun. And in this webinar, you’ll get a taste for what career coaching is like, because I field questions in real-time and teach you guys how to be career coaches for yourselves.

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