This is the story of my divorce, and my ensuing endeavors in dating life. Our first day of marriage counseling is at the top, and the last of my dead-end dates is at the bottom. The date with the farmer is, of course, the one that panned out. And the story of my courtship with the farmer is here.

Sep. 2007 My first day of marriage counseling

Sep. 2007 My own marriage and the myth of the stay-at-home dad

Nov. 2007 Five communication lessons learned in marriage counseling

Dec. 2007 A case study in staying resilient: My divorce

May 2008 Why you should never complain about your company

Mar. 2009 When women get power at work, do they use it like men do?

Mar. 2009 Consistently successful careers stem from consistent personal decisions

Apr. 2009 Does it work to mix work and dating?

Apr. 2009 Gold digging, Web 2.0 style