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How to write about your life: Five-day webinar with Penelope Trunk. Plus special guest-appearance by The Farmer.

This webinar will teach you how to write about your life. It includes four days of of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this workshop for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195. Get access now. I’ve been writing about

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Things I wish I had written

In therapy lately I am learning to identify my feelings. Maybe you're thinking this is elementary, but did you know that envy is about wanting something you don't have, but jealousy is the fear of losing something you already have?

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Secret social skills successful people know

When we were at LegoLand I was struck by the high emotional intelligence of the employees. Their job is to make everyone feel like their Lego project is great. (You’d be surprised how many parents are there, swiping the white

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Blogging Bootcamp with Penelope Trunk

I'm doing a series of webinars about how to blog. I will teach you how to set goals for blogging and meet them, continuously. I'll also show you how to develop an approach to blogging that will get you noticed

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I’m launching new stuff today.

I am not good at launching stuff. It stresses me out. I am not good at focusing on multiple things. Ryan Healy used to hate working with me because of this, and, frankly, I hate working with me because of

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Self-publishing update: My import/export business

I want to thank everyone who bought my book. I loved the process of selling the book, making it, and shipping it out. I learned so much.

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Are you really doing your job?

Father’s Day is a big deal in our house because we have two dads. We have the boys’ biological dad – my Ex – and we have the Farmer. On Sundays, including Father’s Day, we all spend the day together,

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What to do if you think you’re getting fired

First of all, here is a photo of rhubarb cobbler. And this is my food blog post for all of yeterday’s commenters who think I would not be a good food blogger. You will love this post: it's about what

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Secrets to good blog posts (in video!)

I really liked making this video, but I can’t tell if I should do more. What do you think?

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Tim Ferriss diet

The most common criticism of my blog (which has 60,000 subscribers) is that I write controversial headlines just to get traffic. I usually ignore this criticism because it’s so ignorant. But today I’m going to tell you why writing controversial

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