I wasn’t diagnosed with Aspergers until I was well into my thirties, and raising an autistic son.

The diagnosis completely changed my life. It clarified so many things about why I do things the way that I do them. It helped me understand why I couldn’t blend seamlessly in the crowd, and see all of the invisible obstacles that had been holding me back.

When I got my diagnosis, I did what any woman with Aspergers would do and started obsessively doing research. I learned that 90% of women and girls with Aspergers go undiagnosed, and the impact was mind blowing.

Women with Aspergers are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. They are more likely to be divorced and raising kids alone. 20% of women with eating disorders have Aspergers. And women women with Aspergers are more likely to be sexually assaulted, and commit suicide at an astounding rate.

I started sharing my research and personal experience with Aspergers on my career blog, and women around the world starting hiring me for coaching sessions to see if they too might have Aspergers. It became my mission to help women with Aspergers get diagnosed, and empower with the information they need to navigate the world successfully.

I spent the past decade studying women with Aspergers, and this four-part online course is a accumulation of everything I have learned. This course will help you understand Aspergers so you are able to recognize it in yourself and others. And it will teach you how to organize your life and relationships in a way that makes sense for women with Aspergers.

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You should take this course if….

You think you have Aspergers, but can’t get a diagnosis.

Your spouse, child, parent or significant other has Aspergers.

You have been diagnosed with Aspergers, and are seeking additional resources.

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Session One

Understanding Aspergers and Diagnosing it in Women

90% of women with Aspergers are not diagnosed? This is because most of the research about Aspergers is focused on men, the medical community has no idea what they’re doing. I’ll tell you what this means for people with Aspergers and how you can leverage the research that is just coming out to make better decisions about treatment.

We will cover:

Getting an Aspergers diagnosis
Learning to live with your diagnosis
Knowing your rights and accessing resources
Recognizing signs & symptoms of Aspergers

Session Two

Creating a Healthy Relationship and Successful Career

Adults with Aspergers are happy if they love their spouse and their spouse loves them.  I will give you hard and fast rules to guide you in picking a spouse. If you are married, I’ll show you how to look like you function as a normal adult. And I’ll show you how you will stay employed if you use the same rules at work.

We will cover:

Understanding how Aspergers impacts your life
How women hide Aspergers at work & home
Recognizing behaviors and managing life
Finding a spouse and building a good marriage

Session Three

Navigating friendships and building a Support Network

The reason you don’t need socializing in childhood is that you can buy friends. Neurotypicals cannot do this. I’ll tell you the types of friends you can buy for home and work. I’ll show you how to tell which problems you can solve with a paid friend. And how to get a real friend if the circumstance demands it.

We will cover:

How Aspergers impacts relationships
Learning to connect with people
Finding friends who support you
Building fulfilling friendships

Session Four

Living with Aspergers Q&A

I will spend an hour answering the most frequently asked questions about living with Aspergers.

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Penelope Trunk is a writer, entrepreneur and professional career coach.

She has spent the past ten years sharing career advice on her blog, which has been syndicated in 200+ national publications. Over the course of her career, Penelope has founded 4 startups, published 5 books and homeschooled her kids. Penelope began studying and writing about Aspergers shortly after her diagnosis. She has since coaches hundreds of women through the process of navigating life with Aspergers.

Penelope’s Aspergers research has been recognized by the Chronicle, Psychology Today, The Guardian and Universities across the country. recognize it in yourself and others. And it will teach you how to organize your life and relationships in a way that makes sense for women with Aspergers.