Career Coaching with Penelope Trunk

Here are some of the issues I have helped other people with:

    • Rewrite your resume so you look like a star.
      You’d be surprised how poor most resumes look to hiring managers, and how good your resume can look based only on the experience you’ve had so far. If only you would let someone else write your resume. It’s very hard to write your own resume — in the same way it’s hard to figure out how to market yourself.
    • Prepare for a career change.
      I can help you soften the blows that usually come with a career change. We can rework your resume to show you have experience in the new field, and we can make a plan to quickly gain experience in the new field, before you even have to accept a position below where you’d like to be.
    • Figure out your next move.
      Most of the questions we have about our careers really stem from deeper questions about what will make us happy, what is in our way, and why is it in our way. After just one hour, I can help you zero-in on your number-one hurdle to getting what you want. And we can make a plan for you to overcome that barrier.
    • Build a better blog.
      A blog can help everyone in their career, because a blog is how you give people a way to hire you for your ideas, and what you can do in the future instead of what you have done in the past. Some of you want more traffic, and I can help with that. But for most of you, the key to a good blog is not so much building a lot of traffic, but building a big portfolio of writing samples, ideas, and links to what you are interested in. I can help you build a blog that works for you.
    • Decide about Grad School: Yes or No?
      We can evaluate the pros and cons of grad school so you can figure out if it’s right for you right now. The best way to make this sort of decision is to have someone ask you questions that will help you clarify the issues. We can do that in an hour-long session that will help you make a better lifelong decision.
One comment on “Career Coaching with Penelope Trunk
  1. Wendy Walsh says:

    Just found you today. How have I missed this important feminist voice??? Keep doing what you are doing, Penelope.

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