Are you wondering why Melissa pops up on my blog so often? There’s a bunch of posts below that tell the story of how I got to know Melissa. The first post is her bugging me, more insanely than anyone has ever bugged me, to link to her from my blog. The last post is when Melissa started living in my house. Now she just comes back to visit a lot.

Before you get to the list of posts, here are things to know about Melissa. She is amazing at Twitter. And she knows everyone, everywhere, which is how she got @Melissa as her Twitter handle. She is not a good blogger, so I told her I won’t read her blog posts anymore. But she’s an incredible photographer. (Here’s my son.)

Melissa takes most of the photos for my blog. My favorite thing she has done (which I am grateful that I did not have to pay for but you would have to pay for) is take pictures of me and the Farmer and our kids.

And she Photoshopped out anything I didn’t like about myself.

I love Melissa. I think you will too, if you read about her.

Wait. Don’t read yet. Melissa is reading over my shoulder. And before I finished she said, “Wait. She also takes Facebook very seriously.”


Melissa said, “Me. Write that. I do.”

So here is my last line about Melissa: She takes her Facebook very seriously.

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