I’m doing a series of webinars about how to blog.

I will teach you how to set goals for blogging and meet them, continuously. I’ll also show you how to develop an approach to blogging that will get you noticed by people you care about very quickly. The bootcamp takes place November 14-18. You can sign up here.

Here’s more about what we’ll cover:

1. Use blogging to jumpstart your career and your earnings.
Blogging will transform your work life. Here are things you can do with a blog:

  • Double your earning potential
  • Switch careers with flair
  • Win a more flexible work schedule
  • Create a reliable revenue stream
  • Build a large, useful network very quickly

Blogging is something you should do to meet a specific goal. I’ll show you how you can meet almost any goal with a smart approach to blogging.

2. Advanced methods to gain traction for your blog.
Some of you are already bloggers. For you, this bootcamp is full of methods I’ve learned from years of running tests on my own blog. For example:

  • Why I steal headlines from Yahoo
  • Why the best guest posts I write are the dumbest topics
  • Why the most lucrative blog posts are the ones where there’s no advertising

I’ll also discuss how to insert yourself into the content just enough so that you make it interesting, but not so much that you end up boring people. (You’d be surprised, by the way, how boring it can be for someone tell their deepest secrets on a blog.) (Also, are you wondering about the photo up top? I think it’s a great example of inserting yourself in just the right way. I didn’t take the photo. The Farmer did. I stole it from his blog.) (We will also talk about topics like how to steal stuff from other peoples’ blogs effectively, even if you are not having sex with them. And how to use creative grammar, like obsessive parenthetical statements.)

3. Differentiate yourself as a top corporate blogging expert.
There’s also a huge range of fun jobs that are open to people who understand blogging. After this bootcamp, you will know enough about blogging to get a corporate blogging job. And, it just occurred to me now, we will also cover how to make yourself look like a blogging genius on your resume.

Hey! I’m doing this because I think it will be fun. I hope you guys will sign up. My favorite part about this bootcamp is that it’ll be a conversation. You can ask questions the whole time, and the last day (my favorite day) will be a free for all, where I’ll answer questions about anything. I’m really looking forward to that day — I think your questions will be a lot of fun.

Sign up for Blogging Bootcamp now.