I really liked making this video, but I can’t tell if I should do more. What do you think?

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  1. lisa
    lisa says:

    If anyone wonders why Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist is so incredibly popular and has been for a decade this is it. Always hopping onto new technology. Always staying current when other people are still in denial. I haven’t seen another blog with career advice from xtranormal video. I must say though that I can’t be too far off. I don’t career blog but I just made an xtranormal video today for the first time and i am so proud of it I was already (I swear) going to stick it in a blog of mine.

    There is a reason why Brazen Careerist is my favorite blog on the internet.

  2. E 4 VP
    E 4 VP says:

    Speaking of blog posts (in video), take a look at this video I made for Ashton Kutchers project with Popchips.

    Kutcher, and his creative media company Katalyst have come up with yet another great marketing idea that demonstrates how the latest trend has been to allow the consumer to be an advocate of the Brand! Whether it’s consumers submitting their own ideas for commercials, ad campaigns or allowing them to take on honory roles (as in VP of Pop Culture), companies are realizing what better partner is there, then the consumer! Do you think you have what it takes to make a video blog for Pop Chips? If you do know the secret to making a good video blog, you have a chance to make $1,519,641.09 if you lived in Thailand and were paid in Baht! lol. Okay, but you still have a chance to make $50,000!

  3. Kim Lampe
    Kim Lampe says:

    I like the robot voices and that it is not you. It adds mystery where you haven’t left much mystery about your life.

    Made me laugh. Short and to the point. I learned something. Edutainment!

  4. Dave Carlson
    Dave Carlson says:

    I love it, and I like the computerized voices, I think it makes the videos funnier. I’m not sure why so many people are giving it a hard time – so many comedians rely on funny voices to enhance the humor of what they say. Definitely keep making videos. I enjoy them!

  5. ayelet
    ayelet says:

    it was fun! i would like to see more, but recommend keeping them under 2 minutes. i’m amazed you could convey irony in this medium. good for you for trying something new and sharing it.

  6. Dale
    Dale says:

    Video is good as a change of pace, but I am here to learn from you. This medium is too cold and removed, it prevents me from experiencing your words as though they came from your mouth/pen. I feel less personal connectedness with the cartoon. Why not make real videos of you giving these tips and others in onconventional settings? You are the draw Penny not the medium.

  7. Chris Peyser
    Chris Peyser says:

    Haha, THIS WAS AMAZING! I think I am going to start a different blog though… I kind of made the same mistake this guy made…

    So… thank you!

  8. Jim C.
    Jim C. says:

    The XTRA NORMAL video system has its drawbacks, e.g., the text-to-voice conversion, but I still find the videos enjoyable.
    Go for it! This video was great and very much to the point.

  9. Jim C.
    Jim C. says:

    Go for it!
    The xtranormal web site has its drawbacks, e.g., the text-to-words conversion, but the videos are great.

  10. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    This is my first time on your blog and I have bookmarked it for future consumption. I’m not sure how I ended up here to be honest, but somehow it caught my attention and I’ve been reading it for an hour now. It is unpretentious, smart, funny and so refreshing. Also, from a layout point of view, It is easy on the eyes. I don’t feel rushed and overstimulated. Some of your comments are right on those nose and most importantly, you made me laugh. I liked your video a lot, the animation, pacing and ‘blah’ voices all worked for me!

  11. Irina I
    Irina I says:

    Don’t do any more of these. It was boring. I only listened through the entire thing because I knew that your responses would be hilarious and that’s why I wasn’t too bored. But a new reader/audience member would find this video boring.

    Either write this out in a post (you’re a great writer) or do a video of yourself with all your voice intonations (which is the best part). But please don’t make any more robotic videos :-).

  12. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Have read the same thing in words on this site, and it was a great kick to see the same message in another medium. Makes one feel like an insider! Also loved your sexy pursed lips avatar and the ridiculous voices.

    Not sure I would/could take in new information through this medium, but it was great for another slice at info I already had.

    How many times and different ways do you have to hear something to really take it in? I know there’s research out there and a concrete number. Seven? Ten?

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  14. Mark Wiehenstroer
    Mark Wiehenstroer says:

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  15. The Mall Stars
    The Mall Stars says:

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