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How I got a big advance from a big publisher and self-published anyway

I have a new book out today. It’s called The New American Dream: A Blueprint for a New Path to Success. You will notice that the link goes to Hyperink. They are an independent publisher. I sold this same book,

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New rules for self-publishing

I just spent the last two weeks selling my self-published book. I published a book a few years ago with Time Warner, but I wanted to see what it would be like to self-publish. I decided against an ebook format

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Hey, maybe I’ll get to meet you…

My son made this card for me, after I bought him Pokemon Cards. So it seems appropriate that after you guys bought so many copies of my new book last week, I give the card to you. My book sales

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I have a new book. Buy it now.

I know I said I'd never do another book. But I'm good at admitting when I change my mind. Here's how that happened. Melissa was worrying that her life was going to end because she was quitting finance to be

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How to write about your life

Agents contact me on a regular basis to ask me if I want to do a book about my life. I say no. I say no because I have no idea how to do a book about my life. I'm

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Brazen Careerist in the news, in a video clip, and on your body

Hooray that Brazen Careerist was recently mentioned by Emily Meehan in the Wall Street Journal and Karyn McCormack in Business Week. And, in an effort to be a good citizen, I spoke at the Rotary Club in Madison, (where they

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Travel tip for parents: Dance in your hotel room

I went to Tampa this past week. I’ve been traveling a lot to promote my book. The first time I left the kids to promote the book, last month, my five-year-old said, “No! You can’t go! Why do you have

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Reminder: I’m in Tampa today

I hope I’ll get to meet a bunch of you tonight, at 6pm. Inkwood Books 216 South Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33609-3310 (813) 253-2638

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Book event reminder: New York City on Thursday, June 7

I’ll be at Tequila Jack’s on the upper east side from 6:30 – 8. You can buy books there if you want, I’ll sign them, and it’ll probably be small and casual, so we can chat. I’m looking forward to

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Atlanta book tour update

I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to make it to Atlanta today. I have a family issue that I have to deal with and there is really no other choice. I'm so disappointed to cancel. And I'm really

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