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I have too much to say about Myers Briggs to be contained in just my blog posts. So I’m doing a webinar. Also, Melissa and I have so much fun with you guys in these webinars, and we want to do another. During the last two, people kept saying we should do a Myers Briggs one.

So here it is, with a special guest: the guy who taught me about Myers Briggs, Rob Toomey. It started out that I interviewed him, in the olden days, when I was a columnist at the Boston Globe and actually did interviews. Then I would call him just to ask him things:

Q: Why do I hate my INTJ co-worker?
A: Everyone hates INTJs but INTJs don’t care. They just want the work done.

Okay. To be fair, Rob doesn’t talk like that. He’s very diplomatic. I am summarizing his wisdom. But in the webinar, it will be a lot of Rob talking. (And he will be fun, because he’s an ENTP, and ENTPs are fun.)

The biggest reason to understand Myers Briggs is that just about every company in the Fortune 500 uses it as part of training for senior management. If you understand the meaning of your own score you will immediately become more effective at meeting your goals, and if you understand other people’s scores you’ll be way better at communicating with them.

Naturally, when I heard that top leaders in the Fortune 500 get this training, I had to have it too. And my path to expertise was the typical journalist path: I bugged my source incessantly til Rob was not a source but a friend.

Then when I was running Brazen Careerist, I would not shut up about Myers Briggs. I told everyone in the company that they had to take the test, and when they refused, I said, “Forget it, I’m so good at it I know your score anyway.”

Just to prove me wrong, they took the test.

And I was right. Which I tell you only to show how smart you can be about everyone if you understand Myers Briggs.

So this is the last thing I’m gonna tell you about the webinar. Everyone should sign up. I’m not kidding. Having a solid understanding of Myers Briggs has changed every aspect of my life. And it’s going to be really fun because I love Rob and I love Melissa, and this is my dream-come-true Myers Briggs party.

Here’s the official announcement of what we’ll do:

What you get: Everyone will receive course materials, including a link to take the Personality Type quiz, and you will receive an explanation of your personality type. And, if you cannot watch the sessions live, you can download the recordings later. Plus, we’ll cover the following topics:

Day one: How to Become a Myers Briggs Expert

  • Understand your type. If you understand your own score you will overcome your weaknesses more readily and you will put yourself in positions where you are likely to succeed. Also, you’ll understand so much more about your past because you’ll have a better sense of who you are.
  • Understand other people’s types. It’s actually possible to hear about twenty sentences from someone and get a good sense of their score. And once you get good at that, you feel like a mind reader. It’s incredibly empowering because it allows you to connect with people much faster, and more meaningfully than every before. (This includes your kids. It’s so obvious to me that everyone should use Myers Briggs to parent. I can’t believe it’s not taught at PTA meetings.)
  • Use that information to be an extraordinary communicator. The key to talking to people so they will listen is understand how they want to hear you. Using Myers Briggs information to guide your communication makes you a better leader, better manager, better collaborator and even a better parent.

Day two: Leverage Myers Briggs to Make Work Great 

  • Be a better manager by understanding what motivates different types of people. You can only motivate people by using what they care about, not what you care about. Understanding the difference is essential to being able to lead a wide range of people.
  • Become a star in your career by understanding what truly sets you apart from other people at work. We underestimate our  standout strengths because they are so natural to us. They come so easily to us that we assume most people have them. The best way to understand how we are special is to understand other peoples’ strengths in the context of our own. This allows us to see how we fit together and how we stand out as well.
  • Recognize your hurdles as a product of your personality type and find new ways around them. Each of use can get to the top of our field if we know what is holding us back. Most people have a sense of their weakness, but weaknesses are paired with strengths, and if you see your weakness as part of your package you’ll understand better how to compensate.

Day three: Leverage Myers Briggs to Make Your Personal Life Great 

  • Find your best career path. If you’re stuck or you’re looking to change careers, you absolutely should understand the demands of your personality type before you move forward. The best way to make a smart career move is to do it in the context of your strengths within your personality type and what will make you feel fulfilled. For many people fulfillment is a mystery. Believe me: it will not be after this session.
  • Find your best inspiration. If you surround yourself with people who drain you, you don’t benefit and neither do they. Often, though, we pick people who are familiar to us instead of who is best for us. At work and at home our inspiration comes from our environment—if it is conducive to our finding fulfillment. Understanding your Myers Briggs score is like getting a recipe for creating surroundings that will encourage your fulfillment.
  • Find your best mate. Really. You can use Myers Briggs to find your best mate. The system totally works. And even if it’s too late to pick a mate based on your Myers Briggs score, understanding your needs in this context will make you better at getting your needs fulfilled, no matter who you are with.

Day four: Ask any question!

This will be the day we sort out individual issues with your score or your work or your life. And we will all learn about how other people think by hearing their score and their problems.

The cost is $195.

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